We are three free thinkers who like to think deeply about the issues of the day.  In spite of our various political backgrounds, we like to reconsider various topics, and often come up with conclusions outside our root ideologies.  All three of us consider ourselves pragmatists.

Roland Lindsey would like to consider himself a conservative, in the style of William F. Buckley, but feels the conservative movement has left him behind.

Luna Flesher Lindsey considers herself, at her roots, to be libertarian in the style of David Brin, but feels the ideologies of the libertarian movement have caused them to forget core principles.

John Lindsey is a left-leaning libertarian socialist or anarchist, with a pragmatic bent.

None of us feels like we have a safe political home, because no platform matches our unique respective stances.  Our discussions and debates are ever fascinating, and we wanted to share them with you.  We require of each other the strictest logical and factual evidence, and have been known to change each other's minds.

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