What is everyone so angry about?

by Roland Lindsey

I just read a very interesting article on  In it, a conservative attends a town hall and describes his experience there.  As we've seen on youtube and in the mainstream media, he experienced a good deal of anger there.  From the article:
The town halls are exactly what you’re seeing on television. The crowds are overwhelmingly conservative — and I mean Glenn Beck conservative, not David Frum conservative. I’m talking angry, ready-to-roll conservative, not rational, let’s-discuss-philosophy conservative. I can’t think of any more appropriate word than ‘redneck’ to describe most of the crowd. Literally every person who took more than ten seconds to preface his question was shouted down by “Ask your question!” by an array of overfed hicks. They were also prone to shout “You work for us!” and “You just don’t get it!” at Cardin, as if Cardin should be expected to represent the ideals of the 9/12 Project or something.

What is causing all this anger?  Why are people so angry?  I keep hearing, "I want my country back!" yet I am struggling to understand where the country went.  The America we experience today is not all that different than it was a year ago at this time, although 3.7% more of us are now unemployed.  We didn't see this anger during the election, or after the election.

So what is the fuss all about?

I wrote earlier about Rush Limbaugh lying to you.  But he isn't the only one.

Consider what people are being told by mainstream media sources:

  • President Obama is not a natural-born American citizen

  • President Obama and the Democrats want to set up "death panels" to euthanize the old and handicapped

  • We are getting the British health care system

  • We are getting the Canadian health care system

  • The system we are going to get is worse than the British, Canadian, and our current health care system combined

  • Conditions today are very close to those in Nazi Germany

  • Conditions today are very close to those in Fascist Italy

  • President Obama is acting like Hitler

  • President Obama is acting like Mussolini

  • President Obama is a socialist

  • President Obama is a fascist

  • President Obama is a totalitarian

  • President Obama is a communist

  • President Obama is a dictator

  • President Obama is a racist

  • President Obama is the anti-Christ

  • President Obama is going to pay reparations to black people for slavery

  • It's not too late to save our country

  • It may be too late to save our country

  • It's too late to save our country except by revolution

  • The Democrats are trying to stifle dissent

  • The Democrats are calling peaceful, reasonable hardworking middle-class Americans "thugs"

  • The Democrats want to nationalize everything

  • The Democrats like to bailout big business with our tax money

  • The country is going to go bankrupt.  Soon!

  • The Democrats have created the biggest deficit ever because they want the country to go bankrupt.

  • President Obama wants the country to fail so he can reach his goal to rebuild the country into a worker's paradise.

  • The President is working on a deal to combine Canada, Mexico and America into one sovereign alliance similar to the EU.

  • The President is going to take away gun ownership.

Given that all of that is obviously true, I suppose there is a good reason to be mad, after all!  When's the next town hall meeting?

Which is more distressing?  That the media and talk-radio circuit spread such obviously false information?  Or that so many believe it without checking to see if any of it is true?

I get a kick out of reading this sentence:  "President Obama is a socialist and a great example of that is the GM bailout!" The sadness is that many would read it and not sense the irony; rather, rage against their future assignment to Collective Farm #328.

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